Forgotten Memories 


With this photographic project I want to show how deep is the unconditional love, the true love.

Carlos, 87 years old, takes cares of his wife María Inés, sick of Alzheimer’s disease, his great love has slowed down a little bit her deterioration caused by this sad illness. She has had Alzheimer for 10 years, but these last 4 years have been for me to come and go only to be with them. I wanted to portray their daily life, their love and sadness. Carlos' love gives him strength and joy to keep taking care of her. He always says that she is the love of his life, that he will do everything for her till he dies.

And it is incredible that the only name that she still remembers is his name.

This project is made from my soul and with love, because María Inés and Carlos are my parents.